Your Benefits

Tailored components

Cost reduction

By saving material or changing the previously used manufacturing process, production costs are drastically reduced. You don’t have to purchase costly software or machinery, and you don’t have to train employees to use such tools. In addition, we can offer the best prices for manufacturing through our network of manufacturing partners. Getting started is straightforward with our free part identification service.

Lightweight design

Lightweight design plays a very important role, especially for moving components. Reduced weight inherently reduces dynamic forces and provides you with benefits from secondary effects such as: increased travel speed for your production equipment, reduced energy consumption, increased tool life or simplified component handling.

Optimized thermal behavior

The aim of component optimization can also be to improve the part’s thermal properties, so that cooling and heating problems are eliminated by the optimized component structure. Depending on the application, you benefit for example through less wear, increased performance in thermally-stressed components and reducing required additional cooling and heat sources.

Shortest development time

Reduce your time-to-market. By eliminating manual design steps in our development process, we can develop parts up 80% faster while being able to respond flexibly to your desired changes.