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Revolutionary component development - comprehensively implemented

For which of your components would redevelopment be the most profitable e.g. in terms of lightweight design? Which manufacturing process (incl. 3D printing) is suitable for producing the component and which process offers the best cost-benefit ratio? We clarify the question of economic efficiency and identify which of your company’s components we believe provide you with the most benefits. The identification is free of charge and provides you with a non-binding overview of the hidden potential within your assemblies. You can arrange a free consultation by going to our contact request page. If you already have part in mind, you can also use our free automated identification tool: amvaluation

Through our simulation driven component development process (see development process), we are able to tailor your part designs perfectly to your applications. We can prioritize several different objectives such as lightweight design, minimum manufacturing costs or the increase/reduction of thermal conductivity. Lightweight design is often accompanied by reduced manufacturing costs. In doing so, we can variably influence the relationship between the degree of lightweight design and the costs in order to generate the optimum for your application. The resulting designs provide the maximum performance with the minimum material used at the lowest possible manufacturing cost. At the same time, we guarantee the operational safety and manufacturability of the components we design. Not able to imagine the difference yet? Click here for some sample projects with before-and-after comparisons from the automotive and machinery industry

If you have already performed your own topology optimization, we also offer geometry greturn of the results into CAD solid models separately. In doing so, we guarantee a minimal deviation between the result of the topology optimization and the final component geometry. Uneven, discontinuous, “not watertight” and generally error-prone STL files are no problem and can be exported in STEP or IGES file format after the return process. The files are subsequently fully editable in any common CAD program.

By combining simulation and physical testing, we reliably ensure the manufacturability and fatigue strength of your component. We have a database of a wide range of material models that are used to reliably calculate the fatigue life of these components. The use of process simulation of the various manufacturing methods, 3D printing or conventional, enables the avoidance of potential manufacturing issues down the line.

Through our large network of manufacturing partners, we can find and commission the ideal production partner for your component. We coordinate the manufacturing and ensure that delivery times are met. All of the required manufacturing parameters are defined by us in consultation with you, so there is no need for specific manufacturing know-how on your part. We have carefully selected our manufacturing partners in order to guarantee the highest quality. In addition, we have extensively tested manufactured components from our partners through both non-destructive and destructive testing to eliminate any uncertainties. Materials used during manufacturing are also qualified by our own in-house testing in order to verify potentially inaccurate manufacturer material specifications.